I drew this with my touchpad derp

I drew this with my touchpad derp

This is not the emo you’re looking for. 

This is not the emo you’re looking for. 

"You say that and then they puke hallucinated hairballs."

"You say that and then they puke hallucinated hairballs."

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I hate to just spam this blog up with text, but I kinda wanted to ramble on about Dimension Riders. 
I came up with the name for it probably when I was in jr high. which would be about 2001-2004ish. I started writing it about 1998. I knew I wrote it around there because that’s when I discovered lemmys land. which got me to start writing things. It was super stupid in the beginning. it was just about yoshi stealing the back to the future delorean and then the sliding device from sliders. Really casual, and I didnt work on it very much.

it was based on this:

Then somewhere along the mix, I learned how to use telnet, and me and my friend would write stupid stories online. As time went on, I would keep all the stories in a notebook, as I was scared all my files would be deleted. It evolved from yoshi being killed and brought back through various means in short stupid stories, to yoshi going on adventures with anakin skywalker (2002). 

Then the final iteration happened. The ones I have mostly all the logs to. It started out with anakin skywalker meeting a dark elf from morrowind. Then they found the sliding device from sliders and slid into the digimon dimension to kill all the digimon. Then they slid into the pokemon universe and harassed ash ketchum. Then they slid into the yu-gi-oh verse and killed yugi.

Then it starts becoming more original. Anakin and Guinevere (who has become a LOTR elf now or something) meet ryu the dragon, and they escape the lair of the evil guy from yugioh (whatever his name is) and land in a desert dimension full of rocks. they had to get the ring of power from some bad guys or something. 

then it gets better. They have to go talk to a hermit alchemist about the guy who stole the ring of power. This hermit alchemist was X the phoenix. He tells them that a guy named Sheol has the ring of power, and that he’s a demon. somewhere along the line, anakin gets posessed by a demon named draco, so he goes by the name draco. So you’ve got an elf, a demon, a phoenix guy and a dragon all in search of the ring of power. 

Then it changes to Draco was posessing a guy named Quinn, named after the guy in reign of fire. Which came out in 2002. same as star wars episode II.

So you’ve got Draco, Quinn, X, and Sheol. All pretty established in 2002. Iterations made much earlier out of story. Originally Draco was some dog thing with flames on his back, named ???. X was an iteration of “phoenix” which was around when I was in 1994. I would make doodles of these characters, but nothing concrete was written until 2002. 

The story goes that another elf named Zero joined the group after Draco chased off guinevere. (I think she left when anakin became “posessed”) Long story short, Quinn fell in love with Zero.. which he was straight, and Quinn was gayer than a unicorn. This tore up Quinn inside, and he wrestled with Draco. They were eventually separated by a showdown between him and Sheol and his girlfriend Tenario, for the ring of power. Somewhere in the story a demon named Ryuku joins temporarily, a dragon named dreygon, ryu leaves, X goes insane, and quinn gets utterly destroyed emotionally. Draco/Quinn eventually dies at the hand of Sheol, but not after he stole the ring of power, which makes the wearer immortal because it puts them between dimensions. Immortal and untouchable. He eventually gets it as he’s dying, puts it on, then destroys it. which leads draco and quinn still alive but separate. Now Quinn cant die. He dies but he keeps coming back. 

Quinn eventually dies, Zero is posessed by something and is apathetic about Quinn. Quinn mourns the loss of his best friend/flirt and destroys himself. He meets a vampire stealing blood from a hospital and is like “wtf man. that’s low and desperate” so he kinda picks him up. Also another dark elf named wryse comes onto the scene and Serj and Wryse kinda hit it off and become friends. Early serj was definitely an iteration of donovan. Somewhere along the line, it is found out that the host of Sheol was a dark elf named Zedekai. 

a whole bunch of non-canon stuff happens. X eventually commits suicide by putting a gun in his mouth, after a war where his brain breaks and he falls in love with Draco. Draco waits for him to “rise from his ashes” because he’s a phoenix. He waits a long time, then X eventually comes back, but his memory is wiped. Somewhere along the line it is found out that X had a family with children, but he murdered them all because Zrcalo told him to. Then he eventually comes face to face with Zrcalo.. which is the originator of everything bad about the “demons” (which were by this point just zmaj with no creative name)  and he eventually kills him and absorbs him into himself.

by this point my brain was pretty much decaying, so the story devolves into an emotional torture-fest with people’s brain breaking and their minds destroyed or they commit suicide. 

I then go and create donovan. And the story is re-written to be way more coherent, and his story starts. 2011.